About YinYangPaint

As powerful as Photoshop yet as simple as Paint, YinYangPaint uses the preeminent web technology HTML5 to provide complete toolset for editing and creating images. The full program works with all modern browsers without any installation or plugins.

Features include full support of layers, drag and drop image importing, resizing, rotating, color sampling, text with outlines, gradients, smudging, history with undo/redo, png exporting with alpha, file saving and opening, and much more.

YinYangPaint was programmed by Joey Lemberg. Shoot an email to joeylemberg@gmail.com if you would like to get in touch for any reason. I am friendly to everyone at first meeting. YinYangPaint is dedicated to Lily Campbell, a very special cat who is no longer with us.

YinYangPaint is best for modifying and enhancing exisiting pictures, though it can also be used to produces pictures from scratch.