War Tanks Preview

       POWER: Angle: Position: FIRE

arrows keys move, space bar fires, power is set with the control bar above the game screen

War Tanks is to be YangCanvas's first real-time multiplayer game. Both players can control tanks in a central remote javascript game-world, while seeing a nearly identical picture of the game-world on their local computer.

Using HTML5 canvas for graphics and node.js the server side game proccessing, we are trying to deliver the closest thing possible to live multiplayer. Near every online multiplayer game to date has two or three layers of code between the players and the game engine. The game world is run on a remote server, players interact with that world by playing individual versions of the game in different locations, and when players see the game world, the true game state is further obscured by complex graphics which show a much greater level of detail than gameplay actually involves.

War Tanks is run on nothing but javascript. The graphics, the server-side code, and the client-side code are all sychronized running nothing but javascript. We hope that the end result will be seemless live multiplayer, as responsive as the old split-screen console games you used to play with friends in the same room.